About Love, the Idea of Perfection and What is Between Them

There was a symposium in Jerusalem, where people from many countries, intellectuals, philosophers, mystics, and many thinkers from all kinds of social schools of thought gathered.
The topic was: Perfection as an ideal – is it possible or not?
And in general, what is perfection? Even on this matter it was discovered that there is no absolute agreement. But, the central idea was that this sublime ideal, perfection, is an ideal that is possible to understand, and there are those who can strive for it and reach it.
Perfection – its root is perfect. Is it true that if a man is complete, he is perfect? Is it true that a man who reaches deep inner freedom is a perfect man (It is safe to assume that meditation is such an attempt)?
In my humble opinion, there is no liberty or freedom without love.
The singer, Boaz Sharabi, sings: “let me be free and happy” (happy and in love).
Man, as complete within himself, as he may be, needs and wants to love someone. On this matter, the song that expresses this the most is a song by the group “Queen”: “Somebody to love”. At least, from my personal being, it expresses the deep, essential and basic human need for an object to love, in which perfection is the real and the only, and thus, in a loving, growing and nourishing relationship, perfection as a sublime ideal can exist as a reality of perfect unity.
The kabbala even talks about God, who alone, was bored and despairing, and thus the world was created.
There is no perfection without love, and true love is perfection itself.
The final and last conclusion belongs to the singer Ilanit, in her song: “The sky will sing, love is a song for two”.