Absolute Good and Love

All of us, fundementally and essentially want to connect to what does us good. To goodness. But what is real good?
We often meet new people who sometimes enter our private and personal lives as friends, or more than that, and we have an instinctive and correct tendancy to examine to what extent people are good. Unconsciently, we even classify who is better, who is less good, and who is bad. In many cases, in a straight forward reality, it turns out that man is good to one person, and not the other. Or man is unequally good to his surrounding fellow men. True goodness is absolute good. Absolute goodness is goodness in anything to everything – in action, speech and thought (in consciensness). Absolute goodness is being good to ones spouse, children, acquintances, to strangers, animals, to nature and to the entire creation.
Pure conscienceness can’t even consider causing harm or injury, exactly the contrary: the path to goodness is by doing good. Absolute goodness is straight, sincere, true and moral (yes, there is absolute morality) and as such, it connects to the reality in the correct manner and it does not bring great reward to society and to the environment, surely it does not harm or hurt.
Absolute good is the norm. It is the real and only essence of all of us, the righteous can not be different, and questions concerning love do not even arise (An example is Nurit Galron, in her famous song: “What is Love”).
According to the Kabbala, good was prior to bad, and there is a specific and clear warning: Avoid bad and do good, and following it, ask for peace and strive for it.
Love does good, because it is pleasure and delight and within it is joy and happiness (true love).
In peoples’ consciousness, there is often confusion between lust and passion which are legitimate, and love.
In true love (in a relationship, not only between a man and a woman) there is no frustration, anger, guilt or jelousy. When a man is truly and completely connected to himself, he experiences only content and satisfaction as his basic being, and as his inner-reality. In my opinion, “objective reality” is a reflection of the inner-reality of all of us. In some place, all that man does comes back to him as a boomerang, good or bad, and thus, man creates the reality around him.
Although in the historical reality, it was true and was said – The righteous who is not content, the evil one who is. In the vision of the messianic age of the prophets of Israel, the just and the truth will come to the light. I believe in the vision of the messianic age, in which – a nation should not take up a sword against another nation, and we should not know more war.
This will be a era of universal peace, brotherhood and love, embracing all. And on this I wrote about in another article – A time for peace, a time for war and a time which is all love.

With sincere and complete love,
Yehuda Nechmad