Cheap Philosophy

If there was love in the world, there would certainly not be hatred. If people were content, they surely would not be looking for how to do evil. If everyone had what he needed, then surely what seems like deceit and theft would not exist. So where is the problem in the method, and not only within it, embedded? The neurosis is total and therefore, the change is so big and beyond our possibilities, universally; but the disillusionment from the illusions of material equality and of general equality are not unavoidable, and when the liberation of a man of his past restraints, which paralise his life arrives, the observation of the reality will arrive too, and solutions will come by themselves.

There are a rare few, to whom evil seems out of this world, simply not understood and the acceptance of evil by the man on the street as self-evident, is a part of our world, it is shocking. To claim that the negative feelings in man, such as hatred, anger, guilt, jelousy and so forth, are inborn feelings, is ignorant and maybe just out of a lack of knowledge. It is hard to reconsile oneself with the disagreement that a man is born psychologically like a tabula rasa. That is, the negative attributes and feelings are acquired during a life time. The damage is caused mainly, but not entirely, during the first phases of life, what brings us to (Hobbs) man is a wolf to a man. Evil must pass away from the world and love must rule and indeed, so it shall be. What was said is: love your neighbour as you love yourself, but can we, human beings, solve our problems in a realistic manner and stop fighting our stupid fights. Everything is a result of neurosis. Where the hell is love? Why throw stones? Why break arms and legs? Why not compromise? Why not give up? Why react to violence with violence? Why? Justice is on our side, but even when you are just and beautiful, you want no violence on any account. Indeed, there is the other side and the struggle is existential; It was written: “Thou shall not kill” and said that: “He who rises to kill you – rise first to kill him. So why is the defeatism, the hypocracy and also the stupidity, and where is the honor – dignity of man wherever he is. So how will it end? Vision

Yours with love and happiness,

Yehuda Nechmad