Children in/are Happiness

A happy child is a loved child.
In order for a child to grow into a normal, joyful and happy person, he has to be joyful and happy from the beginning. This means that his parents, who are the main and central characters in his life, have to provide him with unconditional love, and the possibility to express happiness and joy in any way, without silencing or stifling the child, assuming that he does not behave properly.
Is it true that we did not transgress in our assumption that children need education? Is it true that education does not arrive when the child is no longer himself but what his parents wanted and made him to be?
In some place, the child fills a need of the parent that had never been realised, and for most, the parent plays the unhappy neglected child within himself, without seeing in his own child an independent being, deserving of respect, attention and appreciation – like any other man of any other age.
Most adults expect the child to act as an adult, to understand everything and not to make mistakes, and on the other hand, treat him like a baby who does not understand anything, when in fact, the expectation should be that the child behaves as a child, and the treatment of him should be as to a grown up.
A loved child / man is happy and happiness means health and the lengthening of days, and this is what we all want, and this is what I see quite a lot in parent – child relationships.

Yours with love and happiness,
Yehuda Nechmad