Education and Love

When I hear the word education, I immediately think and interpret it as if someone told me that man is not alright and he deserves to be shown what the proper behaviors and actions are, when all a child needs is unconditional love.
And this is the only condition for a normal and proper development, from the time that he is a newborn baby until he comes of age.
It is true that the child does not get free love (or gets love under conditions), indeed, sometimes (always, in my humble opinion) he gets frustrated, hurt, angry and even hating.
He is simply not himself any longer, but it is the result of his parent’s attitude. And then, there is no choice and he needs to be “educated”.
But that same education does not solve any real problem, the man remains what he is and often he rebels and sometimes this expression can come as an offence, but doing justice, with which I do not exactly understand what you have gained.
It is likely to assume that the roots of the problem are that our understanding of man is defective.
In the last generations, humanity clung on to hope and utopia. Communism was such an experiment that failed. The Kibbutz is a small experiment in our times that once again, transgresses the sin of education.
It must be understood, that until man returns to be what he is – intelligent, that loves and is loved, there is no hope for his reparation.
Maybe, when we understand that it is wrong to educate our children, that they, by their nature, expect only love, we will make a small step towards the salvation we so hoped for.