Eternal Existance Depends on Love

The socialistic vision in its essence, rose with the call for equality. Apparently, material equality. Should this call for equality not be the call for equality of the value of man, the honour of man wherever he is? Where there is no chance of material equality coming true, and the striving for it characterises the lack of basic intelligence of society today.
A normal man, in my eyes, is satisfied with what he has, or what he can achieve within the framework of his possibilities, and does not constantly look at how much others have, and of course, not covet what is theirs.
There have always been, and always will be classes. The big question is: whether man, in his natural and normal condition, is mature and ready to reach a hand, to give from his own, from himself, without the expectation of getting something in return. Something more than a thank-you smile.
If the goal in the new universal order is abundance, then how can people be blind and not see what great shortages communism brought upon Soviet Russia and it’s Vassal States and what unprecedented abundance the capitalistic system has brought to the United States, Japan and to whoever chose or adopted this method.
Sometimes, stupidity is attributed as a family member of insanity, and crazy people belong in a closed institution. Had Hitler ever been hospitalised? Did Saddam Find the place he was supposed to be liberated from his madness? To bring him to the intelligence and understanding that no harm should be done. Is insane, he who was chosen by society? One, apparently to rise to greatness, and the other, to terrible tragedy.
Is it not society who is insane? Who does not see that it chooses the wrong way. Is everything not because there is no love? Is it that what seems like love is but a simple affection? Emptiness, that thank God is not hopeless. Permanent euphoria is an important component of the self-illusion. Everything will be alright because everything is alright now. Stupidity is the main component of the self-illusion. And even when it seems that the truth is certain and that the confidence exists that it is indeed completely apparent.
So the suggestion is the doubting of man, since all in all, you are flesh and blood, and an evil essence, for instance, is beyond your reach. And this is no longer a philosophy, but it is accepted. And then it is also evident that the truth is unreachable, since it is not found and indeed, even I cannot understand the whole meaning. And maybe there is no importance to what has already been, but to what hope keeps inside, to the will for only good, and not bad, and not only for you, but for the whole of humanity.
We heard of defeatism and naivety, and what is so wrong in seeking peace and brotherhood?
Is it not apparently the goal?
Only when the pure intelligence says it is a mistake, because revelations of hatred have the answer of weakness which generates destruction. And expressions of solidarity and affection, in the hope of an understanding, are illusion with a similar end, inner disintegration and the same result, extermination.
And here, we probably reach the absurdity in war, in which the forces unite and the inner hostilities disappear.
In spite of, and because of the external danger, it seems like trust in the justification of existence erases all the controvesies that in peaceful days sometimes really threatened to divide the nation. And if so, what would happen in peaceful days? In war?
Many concepts are seemingly not clear and not understood enough. Justice and freedom, hostility and brotherhood, good and bad, stupidity and intelligence, naivity and wizdom. And who can really understand its full meaning? Only he who has pulled himself completely out of the picture.
And it is difficult, since you do not move to a whole different picture, but stay in your loneliness, waiting to be redeemed from a catastrophy which is not only yours, but is the disastar of the whole of humanity. One big family that was divided only outwardly. A family that does not only ignore the danger, but most chances that she, herself has created (the danger and horror within the annihilation). Only from this pandora’s box, rises the hope, which has already been mentioned. The hope which claims that eternal exestance depends on love, and that it is impossible without it and that hatred will already find its place within the history that was.

Yours with love and happiness,
Yehuda Nechmad