Love, What is it?

One can identify love with passion, lust or sexual attraction.
All of these are legitimate, but they are not love.
Love is giving without the expectation of reward.
It is the acceptance of the other as he is, without prior conditions.

It is sad to see how people open up only when it concerns a relationship in which physical expression can exist. Society sings songs of praise for “love” of that kind, and who are we not to go astray or wander…

Real love does not necessarily have any kind of touch. Plato has already mentioned it.
In a world saturated with hate and egocentricity, love is hard to find, moreover, the education in an “amended” society, tends towards the humanistic and moralistic, and not towards loving.
We talk about equality, cooperation and peace, but to love real love is difficult.
The ability of a mortal to love is poor for some reason, and he is reliant upon heavenly benevolence.
Love is the solution for all ailments. It wins all, and it is not said for nothing that the omnipotent God is love.
After all, There is no true love without feeling, and true feeling is the entire issue in love.