On Love and Hate – God Forbid

Love is giving with no expectation of receiving in return.
Hate is sometimes taking with the expectation for more and more, without reward. In its essence, hate is a blow below the belt, a blow for the purpose of destruction. If you look at those people who represent hate in its essence, we would be surprised to find in them signs of affection here and there, a certain humanity which bears witness to the possibility of correction. It is not the hate, but the distress, the frustration and the anger which led to this being. Hate, in its essence, says only me. And he who does not understand this has a problem. Love and hate can not exist together, this is the absurdity, as well as the hope, since the entire existance is in the hands of love, and hate has no place of its own, and it is certain that it can not serve as a substitute, because then destruction comes. In love, you give a favour with a smile of satisfaction and pleasure. In hate, you mainly give a blow which hurts the most with the lack of satisfaction which does not cease. In love, there is no struggle (as it seems in our world). In hate, the struggle is the essence which we cannot do without.
Desparate is the talk about hate to one who feels good and thinks only of love, since the place of hate is where love does not exist, where it is bad. In our world, everything appears to be a mixture which makes the understanding difficult, of what is man, absolute good or maybe a little bad. The history, which up to now was not clear enough, is difficult to identify and prove. But to whoever it is clear that man is essentially good, understands that goodness is an inseperable part of the harmony of humanity that needs to be entirely love, since hate and evil are the complete contrasts to love and goodness, and when the separation comes, so will complete salvation come.
What all of humanity needs to strive for, and it is a shame that it does not, is a new universal order, that its inhabitants will look back with anxiety, but not too bad, since the same horrifying history does not have a chance, apart from a few existing memories and pictures on a screen.
It is horrifying, since it became and expression of hatred, that we have no desire to understand the essence of stupidity. And maybe, even one day, we will forget that it existed, as we will all be so concentrated on deeds of love, goodness and giving, with harmony which is impossible to perceive to someone who lives today, even not to me, who sometimes speaks so highly, without understanding the whole meaning of how wonderful it would be. The Garden of Eden which is not an illusion. A kind of reparation and continuation of what should have been from the start. The truth is, that the expectation of faith in this philosophy, concerning love and hate, is so little. But what can we do, this is the whole truth. A simple truth, that there is simply no place for hatred, since our essence, which no one dares to deny, is an essence that needs and craves for love, touch, and not the denial of rejection.
Giving and taking in enjoyment and happiness, and not the taking, since here, everyone exists as on big family, and this means intelligence, undisturbed being who can not do evil, but charity and help, that is so important in this world which needs the correction, and not the breaking. And maybe the truth is that no one has the choice, and it is all in the hands of God.