The Language of Love

In the headlines of the newspaper “Yediot – Ein Hashofet”, an article was published titled: “The Language of the Giraffe” or “The Language of the Coyote”, which ended with the potent words: “… because for most, it reflects a poor form of expression of unfulfilled needs”.
For me, it is a shame and sad that most people are not aware, and don’t understand that at the root of every sin is this exact issue of unfulfilled needs, and the whole reality of this world as it is, for the most is a tragic and difficult reality of war, hostility, hypocracy, crime and moreover – unequivelated suffering – and its source, in fact, is within the same important universal reality of children whose needs have not been provided for or fulfilled, and they become insincere adults, some of them even violent.
A loved child will be a grown man; with a basic contentment of needs, real needs, with a correct and sober view of reality; an insincere neurotic child, will become an unsatisfied man, searching for substitutes for the true need that was not fulfilled – to be loved.
I have already commented in my previous articles, the connection between love in childhood and in general, and health and longevity of life. And surely, no one has doubts of the connection between love, joy and hapiness. To all who strive for joy, it is important to know that it exists not further than a breath away, the child within us.
And to parents who think about their children and their future, I would advise them to learn to arrive at an awareness of unconditional love of their children, and only then, all of their needs will be sincere and fulfilled.
And all those who are interested to learn from this are invited to read my book: “Feeling Life, Only True Love”, which tells my personal experiences.
And it has already been said:
There is no one wizer than the one who has experienced, and wizer is the one who learns from the experiences of others, and I have unique experience.

Yours with love,
Yehuda Nechmad